This is the ball my mom made.

This is the ball my mom made.

I love cranberries. Not only are they full of vitamins and vibrant color but they can be used for decor as well. When my mom was alive, she would make things all the time. She loved to create and inspire others to be creative. She was one of the most talented women I knew when it came to cooking, decorating and office management. She put on the most upscale spreads for parties ever. She made little decorative items and wreaths and other festive do-hickys. And she could run an office (although not her own) like a pro.
Although I miss her very much, I still have many of the things she made strewn out around the home where she lived. My boys and I now live in here home and her signature is everywhere. While I didn’t necessarily jibe with her soft pastels and bright whites, I do still love seeing her little decor in random places throughout. She had this whimsical side that contrasted her very classic traditional.
I can see where I picked up or rather inherited much of her talent and some of her creativity. I have her to thank for the reason I get impulsively inspired about a project from time to time.
This time in 2007 she was in the hospital and the family was without her. And while she is today not physically with us, her creation is everywhere I look – especially this time of year when I bring out all the festive Christmas decor.
One of the creations she made was a little ball with cranberries stuck all around it with some pretty green leaves and a pretty red bow. Doesn’t sound like much, but when I look at it – I see her making it. Paying attention to every detail. I loved my mom and her memory lives on. Make sure you capture something special in all the important people in your life so that when they’re gone, you can still see them.


Let’s define “fruit” and “Drive Friendly!”

There are different definitions for fruit; One is simply culinary fruit, as in the kinds used for cooking and eating.  Examples are apples, watermelons and pomegranates; generally any sweet and edible part of a plant.  Secondly, scientifically speaking the definition of fruit is the flowering part of a plant which is used to disseminate seeds.  According to Wikipedia, it is the part of the flowering plant that derives from specific tissues of the flower, one or more ovaries, and in some cases accessory tissues.  Scientifically speaking, a cucumber and a zucchini are fruits but we call them vegetables.

Now that we have the very basic definitions down, there is a possibility I will use either of these definitions when referring to a fruit.  So it’s good to be able to follow.  :-0

Following is good sometimes, unless it’s following something that isn’t good for you or not the right thing to do.  Here in Texas, we have a common sign on the roadways that says, “Drive Friendly!” It is a good plug for the attitude in which we need to possess while driving.  However, it also implies that there is a known way or set of rules or laws that dictate how we should be driving.  One thing I repeatedly see on the roads are people who do not use their turn signals.  This falls under the category of being inconsiderate and also not obeying the laws.  It’s funny to me that there are people that will ease in front of you without using their turn signal.  Would they do that at the grocery store or while waiting in line to get tickets to a concert? It cracks me up – it also causes me to say to myself, “are you kidding me?”  I find it comforting to have a conversation with myself while experiencing all of the funny things people do on the road.

So, while there is no particular fruit for my post today, I did want to send a little bit of education out.  Very trivial indeed.  All that to say this; please use your blinker! It’s common courtesy and it is the law.  We are all doing life on this planet together as my Pastor says and it’s only right to give you neighbor the same courtesy as you would desire.

Again, when Paul was writing to the church at Philippi, he said, “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

Today, it’s all about the orange…

Well, as I was working this morning, I was having these little glimpses of what my next article may be about.  After lunch, I envisioned the orange.  While it is by nature very sweet, it is also acidic; especially the valencia orange.  My day today was filled with some acidic moments followed by a sweet aftertaste.  What do you do with your day? Do you have a regimen or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you wonder at the end of the day what exactly it was that you accomplished? I work best with lists.  Lately I have been using my Calendar and Notes on my iPhone.  If it’s something I have to get done by a certain time or if I think I may forget, I put it on my Calendar and add an alarm – either for the day before or an hour before the event.  I don’t know what I’d do without it!

To feel as if you’ve set a goal and executed the goal, make some sort of list and check off the things you have done.  Then put in a place where you can see your accomplishments.  If you need to carry something over to the next day, or make a new list and re-list something that didn’t get done, no problem! At least you’re attempting to complete goals!

Today, I think of what God says about being part of the body of Christ.  In Romans 12:4 Paul says that …”as in one body we have many members and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ and individually members one of another.  

It implies that we are not all going to have the same talents and roles in life but we are to use them for one purpose as a team to accomplish a common goal! What is your talent or role in life? Are you fulfilling your full potential? Think about what you are good at or what you have always wanted to do and begin to research and step out! Be an orange and experience both the acidity and the sweetness of life!

The beginning…

As a newcomer into this field of blogging, I am excited to see where this goes.  I have an idea of the content I want to share with my audience who will hopefully soon become my friends.  Is that too presumptuous? The types of things I want to share are going to include bananas (don’t know why that’s my first fruit, but it’s how I feel),  apples, oranges for some of the sweet, common topics.  Then I will share a bit of raspberries, cranberries and blackberries – so tangy and healthy! Then I will venture out and touch on some lemons and limes – very sour but good for you and a necessary part of your diet! Lastly, there will be a bit of education about the fruit and either application from the Word of God or reference to the fruit in the Bible.  I’m going to have fun with this and hopefully you will too! More to come…what will the first fruit be??? AH – there a reference! Did you know that Jesus is the firstfruits?! Grab your Bible or go to link below and check out 1 Cor 15:20!