The beginning…

As a newcomer into this field of blogging, I am excited to see where this goes.  I have an idea of the content I want to share with my audience who will hopefully soon become my friends.  Is that too presumptuous? The types of things I want to share are going to include bananas (don’t know why that’s my first fruit, but it’s how I feel),  apples, oranges for some of the sweet, common topics.  Then I will share a bit of raspberries, cranberries and blackberries – so tangy and healthy! Then I will venture out and touch on some lemons and limes – very sour but good for you and a necessary part of your diet! Lastly, there will be a bit of education about the fruit and either application from the Word of God or reference to the fruit in the Bible.  I’m going to have fun with this and hopefully you will too! More to come…what will the first fruit be??? AH – there a reference! Did you know that Jesus is the firstfruits?! Grab your Bible or go to link below and check out 1 Cor 15:20!


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