Let’s define “fruit” and “Drive Friendly!”

There are different definitions for fruit; One is simply culinary fruit, as in the kinds used for cooking and eating.  Examples are apples, watermelons and pomegranates; generally any sweet and edible part of a plant.  Secondly, scientifically speaking the definition of fruit is the flowering part of a plant which is used to disseminate seeds.  According to Wikipedia, it is the part of the flowering plant that derives from specific tissues of the flower, one or more ovaries, and in some cases accessory tissues.  Scientifically speaking, a cucumber and a zucchini are fruits but we call them vegetables.

Now that we have the very basic definitions down, there is a possibility I will use either of these definitions when referring to a fruit.  So it’s good to be able to follow.  :-0

Following is good sometimes, unless it’s following something that isn’t good for you or not the right thing to do.  Here in Texas, we have a common sign on the roadways that says, “Drive Friendly!” It is a good plug for the attitude in which we need to possess while driving.  However, it also implies that there is a known way or set of rules or laws that dictate how we should be driving.  One thing I repeatedly see on the roads are people who do not use their turn signals.  This falls under the category of being inconsiderate and also not obeying the laws.  It’s funny to me that there are people that will ease in front of you without using their turn signal.  Would they do that at the grocery store or while waiting in line to get tickets to a concert? It cracks me up – it also causes me to say to myself, “are you kidding me?”  I find it comforting to have a conversation with myself while experiencing all of the funny things people do on the road.

So, while there is no particular fruit for my post today, I did want to send a little bit of education out.  Very trivial indeed.  All that to say this; please use your blinker! It’s common courtesy and it is the law.  We are all doing life on this planet together as my Pastor says and it’s only right to give you neighbor the same courtesy as you would desire.

Again, when Paul was writing to the church at Philippi, he said, “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”


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