I’m the BOSS!

Starting your own business from home takes tons of research! I have been at it for hours and months! I am passionate about staying home with my children and want to find something that I can do for myself and not have someone else placing demands and deadlines on me.  In my research, I have found that the first step is finding out what my BRAND is.  Who am I? What do I stand for? What am I good at? Where is my experience and interest? This is where the brain work comes in. Secondly, I need to generate a following of people who are willing to visit me (my website, blog).  This is where the busy work comes in! Thirdly, I have to build my website and/or blog to make money! This is where the constructing comes in! Lastly, but most importantly, I have to stay fresh, informed, transparent, interesting and focused with my BRAND! Ugh! It all goes back to the FIRST!

So while I am honing in on my who, what and where…I will be sharing my experiences and hopefully thru my blogging, answer the first step to being my own BOSS!


One thought on “I’m the BOSS!

  1. Meredith Hitt says:

    You go girl

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