Cyclops in my Blue Bell?

Cyclops in my Blue Bell?

Just a quick story – The other night when opening the Blue Bell ice cream (a staple at our house), we observed a cyclops looking at us…has anyone ever seen this? Cray cray!
We have also seen the full smiley face! Is it subliminal? Blue Bell definitely makes us happy, but it always helps to have an added bonus!
Anyway, I looked up Cyclops and of course I checked out Wikipedia first…Cyclops comes from Greek and later Roman mythology and refers to a primordial giant with one eye. I would say that’s fairly common knowledge, kind of like 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. Can you believe I just quoted that from memory! Advertising is powerful! It’s even more powerful when pictures and characters are used.
In my quest to find my BRAND, I am wondering what my powerful advertising will be…I’m narrowing in on it and believe I should have my plan by the end of February. There, I said it…end of February! I have set a goal and even though I think I will have it before then, I can hold myself accountable to my followers! Thank you for holding me accountable!
Goodnight to all my fellow bloggers!


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