Getting the money-maker up and running

Well, after tons of research and learning from the best of the best I have my blog pretty well fleshed out and I’m tweaking and getting ready for the SEO work to be done.  There are so many aspects to monetizing your blog! Like the pros say…you have to do many things in order for it to make you money.  It doesn’t just happen if you sit back and write hoping people will love what you have to say and throw money your way.  Monetizing your blog isn’t lazy work.  It takes TONS of research and finding someone who has been there so you can do what they did.  Earning passive income is not a passive process!

In the next few posts, I will give kudos to the people whom I’ve gleaned from.  I credit the people who have chosen to share their ‘secrets’ and experience to the public.  It’s all about helping one another.  There’s plenty of business out there for all of us so don’t be greedy with the details is what I’ve learned.  If you give, it will come back to you.  I live by a biblical standard that if you are blessed, you should use your blessings to bless others.  I plan on giving as much of my experience to people who want it as well.  When I get it all together, it will be public.

However, true to my deadline, I know what my niche is! It’s definitely something that I can blog about forever and there is endless posts to publish…I am talking about meal-making for people who have busy homes! My site is  I’m excited about it and look forward to creating more niches in the near future! I welcome your criticism and feedback…

Thanks for reading and following me in my journey to making money from home so I can stay home with my kids – who by the way are my number one ministry here on earth!


Finishing up my money-maker

I have continued to do tons of research and have learned so much.  Next is just to “DO IT”! Put it out there! I am fleshing out my blog and have recruited some help because I think we should all ask for help when we need it!

I can’t wait to tell everyone about it so I can begin getting feedback.

My main reason for creating my blog is so I can become financially independent and able to stay home and work it instead of having to go work for someone else! I have seen many people (mostly women) wanting the same thing…especially because we have children! I know it can be done! However, my question is: why do some make it happen and others don’t? I’ve read wisdom from the people who have made it happen for themselves and have gained their financial independence and are working from home – or wherever it is they want – and THEY did it! So why do people give up and settle for less than they know they’re capable of?

I know there are diverse answers.  Tired, complacent, lack of motivation, fear of failure, too busy with things that don’t matter in the long run, living for the now, lack of planning for the future, or simply worn out and can’t physically, mentally or emotionally take on one more thing in their lives! I have been there and honestly, if I had my full-time job back, I probably wouldn’t be doing my blog – I would be all of the above.  And they seem to feed on each other too! It becomes a never-ending cycle!

Now that I am not working and I am literally down to my last few months of savings (thank God I had savings) I have to make this happen or go back to work! It’s a reality I have to face every day as I wake up and ask myself the question, “Can I do this and make enough money to support my kids and myself”? It’s scary at this point because I picture myself going back to work and throwing my infant into daycare and putting my kids back in public school! This is NOT an option for me! I cry just thinking about it! SO – I get out of bed, look at my to do list and try to get it all done in spite of all the interruptions during the day!

All of that said, this is the reason I chose the niche I have for my blog (AKA money-maker) that I will be launching in the next few days.  I know there are others out there going through the same wants and desires as me with lives so busy that they can’t breathe above water! To begin with, I want to help and inspire busy families to be able to provide meals at home amid the chaos.  That is my first niche blog.  Next, as I begin to see success…I want to take others through their own successes.  I want others to realize their dreams.  Tons of help exists out there for people who want to stay home and work but hopefully I can appeal to a different audience…just don’t know who yet!

As I practice with this blog here, I hope you will offer comments if you want and stay tuned for the launch of my money-maker blog…I am working on it behind the scenes and can’t wait to publish and tell everyone!