An Open Letter to #TeamBossyGals

Read the powerful words of my new partner in the Emancipation movement and future business endeavors, Grace Durbin! This woman is strong and has an equally strong message that compliments the FREEDOM movement Bossy Gals stands for! Retweet, Follow, Support!


ReTWEET if you’re a female #JOIN Emancipation of Women Movement! #GetBossy with #TeamBossyGals

ReTWEET if you’re a female #JOIN Emancipation of Women Movement! #GetBossy with #TeamBossyGals.

USA’s @ceoBossyGals 


 Entrepreneur Gerri Chambers 

Aim: My Bossy Gals, (entrepreneurs, business minded women, bored housewives & the unemployed), are rising up around the world, and, are now breaking free from the chains and shackles that bind them to boring mundane jobs, and, dull lifestyles that they absolutely detest. All with one aim in common to become supreme business leaders in a job that they love by becoming their own Boss, and destroying the myth that it’s a male dominated business world!
Goal: I’m inviting you, too, to become my business partner, and, to stake a claim in the huge conglomerate: “”  I’m creating. How? Simply click on, and, buy my amazing book ‘Bossy.’ After you’ve read its awesome inspiring, and, entrepreneurial thought provoking contents mention to me in an e-mail what attributes you can bring to the boardroom-table with your BossyGals partnership, and, the dream BossyGal position you’d like within my conglomerate?
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