Stop the Grind! You don’t have to be Confined!

So you’re accustomed to the daily grind? Getting up every morning by the alarm clock (after a snooze or 2), being exhausted and dying to get to Friday (TGIF) so you can finally have some free time to do what you want to do!

It’s the same ol’ song and dance.  Over and over telling yourself that if you could just make it to 5 years, you can have 3 weeks vacation! Yay! What a great looking carrot! I remember personally in my employee status wanting to get to Supervisor.  Then once there, I wanted Manager.  Then I saw how much my Manager worked and how he had to work on his vacation days and I rethought that real quick fast and in a hurry.

BUT I was stuck there and making what I thought was great money.  It was more than I had made in my life and I was willing to stick it out (SETTLE) until I retired.  UGH! Looking back, I am soooo glad I’m not still driving down that same road day after day!

Don’t get me wrong…I really enjoyed my work and I liked what I did.  There’s a misconception that just because you want your own business that you can only jump ship if you hate what you do and you’re miserable.  That’s not true at all! What you are doing for your business may be along the same lines or even in direct competition to who you are working for right now! The work may be great and it may be right up your alley…what’s for the birds is having someone else set your schedule (and worth).

You’re blessed if you have flex hours or flex schedule.  But for most of the employees in the nation, you have a boss who tells you what to do, when to do it and how fast to get it done.

For anyone who loves what they do (or maybe you only like it) I can help you figure a way to stay in your current role — but as your own boss!

Want to get a raise – OK! Approved!

Want to take a 4 week vacation? – let me check the books…yup! You’ve earned it!

Want to bring your kids to work with you so they can learn what you do? Done!

I love the FREEDOM that working for myself gives me.  I can also really use my talents and skills to their fullest because I am writing my so-called ‘Job Description’.

If you think this may be for you…follow me and I’ll be giving you little bits and pieces of valuable info to help you start your own business beginning with your spare time!


Stay Tuned!

I am getting ready to launch my website either this week or next! I am also going to have some free offers that I’ll be posting as well!

I am finally getting to a place where I can relax on the weekends, knowing that the final draft of my e-book is complete and being edited.  I cannot tell too much about it because I don’t have the thumbs up yet but as soon as I do, I hope it will benefit many people.

Funny how we go through so many experiences in life but never go back and revisit them! Our experiences can be used to benefit others and can also be used to add to our credentials in areas we choose to consult in or do business in.  This is something I write about in my book.  My book is written to guide and inspire people who are thinking about getting into business for themselves.  That should be a lot of people! It is estimated that by next year, there will be a substantial increase of the people working from home and that is exciting! It opens up a huge market for my products and services as people start from scratch.

I also looked into incubators and what those services include.  It sounds like something I would like to do as well…it piggybacks what my original biz plan was anyway.

This year is going to be very thrilling for me and my family as I build my business from my home! As an entrepreneur, I have been waiting for this year to approach! I just had to wait for the right opportunity and the right timing…story of my life – waiting for the right timing.  Because of my very impulsive nature, I have gotten into things I shouldn’t have.  Well, this year is the year to put my efforts into my calling which is helping others and being with my family – and adding a lot of travel!

Thank you for following me and I can’t wait to offer you more when I launch my new biz!

Blessings and stay tuned!

Another brick wall?? UGH!

I think what has happened is that I have once again gotten into information overload! I love to research but it is a comfortable prison to be in.  It keeps me spinning my wheels but gets me no where.  Now, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like technology when I am not doing it for fun! I have to figure out how to get my message out there and if there was just ONE way, no problem! But every door opens up to 5 more with more rules and figuring and paths that lead to 3 more doors.  So I click on this and link here and copy that to put here and confirm and subscribe and my head is spinning!!!

I need someone to tell me the steps I need to take within my expertise and then they will take care of the rest! We’re all good at something right? We can’t be good at all things and I cannot expect that I can do everything for my business and be profitable and effective (or efficient).

It’s all coming full circle again and I see the need to lay down some more money, and suck it up like all the other people who have thrown in the towel in certain areas of their business and bite the bullet.  So I am searching for social media people, marketing people and virtual assistants! I don’t know, maybe I don’t need them all.  Is there a jack of all of those trades that I can employ?

I’m still searching for that person but in the meantime, I have to put some things on hold in order to work with the others.  It was once told to me that you can only spin so many plates at one time and pretty soon, one will get dropped.  Well, which one is that when your business is brand new? Another learning curve coming up!

My hosting company does have my website ready for me to review so I will be getting that approved and moving soon.  Then I will slowly get the services and products out and get rolling! There’s so much up front work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I will have a landing page up soon so you can give me your email address and I’ll alert you when the full site is ready and what the promos and specials are, etc.  So thanks for following and being interested in my progression and success!

Have a productive day and blessings!

Brick Wall – technology and branding

Several times during my journey to begin monetizing my ideas, I have hit brick walls.  Have you hit a wall yet in your journey?

My two walls have been a ‘Technological Wall’ and a ‘Which Way Do I Go Wall’.  One I can get help for, the other…it’s all me.

With all the technology that is emerging and all the choices out there for getting your message out and building your site and making it better and closing gaps and streamlining, etc, etc, etc…I have to admit, I threw in the towel and hired someone to help me! I could’ve spent days and hours learning the systems and baby stepping my way thru, but time is money and I don’t have the time for that learning curve! I have learned quite a bit with the steps I did take on my own, but let’s face it, I don’t LOVE to figure out how to work things! I just want them to work FOR me! So I laid down some more money and took that off my plate! Now I’m free to use my time for more worthy things, like getting thru my NEXT brick wall!!! UGH!

Now, with all the ideas swimming around in my head, I have to get one nailed down and own it! I have talents and skills, but what do I want to help others do? How am I going to brand myself? Is this the MOST important question I have right now…YES! I can’t polish my profile, market myself OR begin creating materials if I don’t know what products or services I’m going to sell! I know what I’m good at…question is, how am I going to bundle that up and market it? Or do I need to narrow my field? What is my ‘field?’ Is that some arbitrary line in the sand that I need to draw in order to invite people to come over to my side? The more I think about it, even though everything under the sun has been done, I have to put a twist on it! I need to put my personality into whatever it is I choose to do.  I’m me and there’s no one like me and that will appeal to some and others, not so much.

Having said all of this – it’s about time for me to get serious with my new brand.  Soon I will have to do something with this blog and start using my new website! I will let everyone know when I launch it and would really welcome and invite you to comment! I may continue to tell the story in this blog as I go along.  Ultimately, I think it will be helpful for me to have my journey documented and to inspire others as they see my success…remember, whatever that is for you maybe different for me.

Even though I am not delivering all of the details regarding how I’m doing what I’m doing, my hope is that I will inspire like-minded people to get your ‘thing’ making money for you! Soon I WILL be able to release details that will help you practically.  Until then, keep gathering ideas and we’ll put it to work in the next few weeks! There’s so much opportunity out there and I will LOVE to present them to you and help you live the life you desire!

The mediocrity train is about to be DERAILED!!

How high can I jump?

So today I took another big step toward my business. I wasn’t planning on taking a big step today but it needed to be done. Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels wasting time when you could be doing something way more productive? Sometimes in your own business you need to make some tough calls. One of those tough calls involve laying down some more cash. However, if you see it as an investment then it is definitely not a waste.
I am learning so much about leveraging my time. And time I don’t have.
Again, there have been many influencers in my decision-making process and two of those influencers’ names are Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn.
In the beginning I knew nothing about making money blogging. When I literally stumbled across both of these gentlemen I was still in my diapers. Now I can say that I have at least graduated to romper room.
I have a long way to go and have many things on my to do list. I am now able to wait on the things that won’t make me money and proceed with the things that will be profitable. Half of the learning curve involves knowing what to put my energies toward and which things to table for now.
As an encouragement to anyone who is looking for a better living, I can say that it can be done. It may seem very overwhelming in the beginning but things do start to get clear and your decisions more strategic.
I guess you could say I can see the light and I am excited about teaching others to do what I’m doing. I will discuss that in the next few posts.
Also coming soon the new rollout with many different opportunities that I would like to share!
Business is so exciting and being the owner of the business is even more exciting!

Love the ride or get off the roller coaster!

Honing in and maintaining…

As I tweak my blogs to where I want them, I am seeing the lifecycle of my business unfold.  In the beginning when I was not sure about anything, I did a LOT of research! I mean a LOT! I started by just Googling things like “blogging for money” and “make money from my blog”.  I didn’t know there was so much info out there on the subject! However, after I went to many different sites and blogs on the subject, I honed in on a few.  The few I chose simply appealed to me for the following reasons:

1. I saw success. I want to learn from people who are or have been successful – and right now, my definition of ‘successful’ is the bottom line.  Because of my desire to make this my stream of income, I need to see that others have made a living doing this.

2. They appear honest.  When they share information with the public about their successes, they are being transparent about failures as well because they too are on a journey to learn more.  I don’t want to learn from someone who believes they have conquered it all and has already arrived.  I want to learn from the mistakes that have been made but can’t if they don’t talk about them! I want to learn from someone real and taking this ride of life like I am.
Having said that, in my next post I will acknowledge the 2 people I have chosen to follow .
I will talk about them as well as a couple of practical steps I’ve taken to get started in my business.
As always I welcome comments. Whether you’re a pro watching me spread my fledgling wings or if you are behind the learning curve I’ve already been thru. Thanks!

Personal Growth

Like many others, I have a impressive and diverse library.  I have books about breastfeeding (I was a breastfeeding counselor for almost 2 years and am very passionate about it) and on the other end of the spectrum books about business.  The business category of books includes books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Learning the Business by Michael S. Clouse.  I love learning the way to do things by the people who have the wisdom – people who have been there.  These 3 men are all very successful in what they do.  If you have not read any of these books and you desire to be better than you are today, I highly recommend at least 1 if not all.  I personally revisit these books often.  However, it has been a little longer than often this time around.  I am reading Rich Dad Poor Dad again right now and let me tell you…right off the bat, it inspires me!! It has inspired me so much that it is now required reading for my 13 and 11 year old boys! Choosing to live above mediocrity is something that is taught at an early age.  I wasn’t taught or discipled in that area, but my parents were both entrepreneurs.  I saw them start businesses and fail several times.

Having said that, in order to succeed at something difficult and something that has road blocks – one must see that it is possible and obtainable.  Sitting in the mindset of “I’ll never have that” or “That’s too hard” will not get you beyond mediocrity.  I know because I am one that has tried and failed many times…failed by GIVING UP! It IS hard if you want something beyond the usual! However, I am tired in my life of settling for the usual and the easy! I want more than what I have and I know God has given me the ability and means to get there! I want more for my children! I want more for our finances and our travel and our ministry of giving and helping others! You can only bless others with what you have!

So far as the blog is concerned…the money-maker…that is a means to an end! It may not be the perfect answer right now and it may not make me rich, but I’m going to try something else if it doesn’t produce the results that get me out of mediocrity and I’m going to teach my children as I drive this train! I hope you will follow me because no matter what I do (legal and ethical of course) I cannot fail if I continue to get up! And if nothing else, you will see that even the successful had to start somewhere and they had to get back up…MANY times.