Excuses for not starting your own business?

By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work 12 hours a day. Robert Frost, American poet.

I just chose a random excuse from my e-book (to be published soon) –

Excuse #3 – Well, I’ve worked my way up to 3 weeks a year vacation and get a bonus!

DEBUNKED – do you like all the parameters set on the vacation time that you have? Those 3 weeks of vacation can only be taken IF and WHEN it’s approved.  Also, bonuses are rarely guaranteed.  Several times during my work career bonuses have been less than expected or done away with all together.


This was me.  Always excited about the carrots I was being thrown by the company I worked for.  Because I was employed there longer than any other company I had worked for, I was up for 3 weeks vacation and had been receiving the largest bonuses I had ever experienced! I look back now and I actually was thinking of the exciting times I would be having when I got up to 4 weeks vacation at 10 years with the company!! WOW!!

Well, now I know there’s a better way…much better! MY OWN WAY! If I’m running the show, I am the one to tell me how long my vacation is going to be and I’m also the one who is going to tell me how much I’m worth! Has your employer paid you what you’re worth lately?

Thanks for sticking with me and again, if you follow me I will give you the notification when my website is up and running and I would like for you to stop by! I will be mentoring and coaching women who want to leave the corporate world (vacate the cubicle like I did) or simply change their employee status and become the employer! It’s a beautiful thing!

Paycheck to Prosperity!!