Stay Tuned!

I am getting ready to launch my website either this week or next! I am also going to have some free offers that I’ll be posting as well!

I am finally getting to a place where I can relax on the weekends, knowing that the final draft of my e-book is complete and being edited.  I cannot tell too much about it because I don’t have the thumbs up yet but as soon as I do, I hope it will benefit many people.

Funny how we go through so many experiences in life but never go back and revisit them! Our experiences can be used to benefit others and can also be used to add to our credentials in areas we choose to consult in or do business in.  This is something I write about in my book.  My book is written to guide and inspire people who are thinking about getting into business for themselves.  That should be a lot of people! It is estimated that by next year, there will be a substantial increase of the people working from home and that is exciting! It opens up a huge market for my products and services as people start from scratch.

I also looked into incubators and what those services include.  It sounds like something I would like to do as well…it piggybacks what my original biz plan was anyway.

This year is going to be very thrilling for me and my family as I build my business from my home! As an entrepreneur, I have been waiting for this year to approach! I just had to wait for the right opportunity and the right timing…story of my life – waiting for the right timing.  Because of my very impulsive nature, I have gotten into things I shouldn’t have.  Well, this year is the year to put my efforts into my calling which is helping others and being with my family – and adding a lot of travel!

Thank you for following me and I can’t wait to offer you more when I launch my new biz!

Blessings and stay tuned!

Would you ever write an ebook?? Well, you should!

I see the light! I am able to move forward!

All the hours of research have landed me in several opportunities and I love that I will be able to share those with you.

First of all, I am writing an ebook! It is exciting and the crazy thing is that I am almost done! I have so much to say and for someone like me who likes to talk…eh…well, it was pretty easy! 🙂 Amazing what I can accomplish when I leverage others’ skills to help me with the stuff I can’t learn how to do!! There is just too much technology out there and honestly, I don’t like it that much! I would rather spend my time helping and sharing with you all!! OR y’all as we say down here in the south!

I want to invite you to a special call with my friend and colleague, Ellen Violette who is an expert at helping people overcome their fears and challenges writing ebooks.  It’s called 3 Days to eBook Cash Workshop and it’s powerful! Because I went thru the workshop, I have a first rough draft done of my ebook and I worked on it one day!

What is the 3 Days to eBook Cash Workshop?
The 3 Days to eBook Cash Workshop is an online training and coaching program where Ellen takes students through the process of writing an ebook in 72 hours or less with just 12 hours of writing time, finishing and publishing it, and marketing it the fastest and easiest ways possible so they can start making money as quickly as possible.
This program is designed specifically for people who are busy and don’t want to spend weeks, months or even years writing a book! It’s also great for people who have tried other methods and failed to write an ebook because this workshop works!
Ellen teaches people how to figure out what their core message is and how to promote it in their ebooks.
This process can also be used to write books, articles, special reports, and to create teleseminars, webinars and videos.

And next Monday, March 31st, you can watch her in action!
On this call, she’ll help authors bust through their challenges in just minutes in real time!
So if you have a fear or challenge around ebook writing, or you’d just like to watch Ellen’s process and how she helps people write ebooks FAST, register now here.

And, if you’d like some “FREE” coaching, you can volunteer to be on the hotseat, send Ellen an email at with your name, phone number, time zone, and if you have it, your topic, working title, description and hook and she’ll do her best to get to you on the call!

P.S. eBooks are really powerful, but many people have challenges getting through the process. So, if you need help, register now here – you won’t be sorry!!