Stop the Grind! You don’t have to be Confined!

So you’re accustomed to the daily grind? Getting up every morning by the alarm clock (after a snooze or 2), being exhausted and dying to get to Friday (TGIF) so you can finally have some free time to do what you want to do!

It’s the same ol’ song and dance.  Over and over telling yourself that if you could just make it to 5 years, you can have 3 weeks vacation! Yay! What a great looking carrot! I remember personally in my employee status wanting to get to Supervisor.  Then once there, I wanted Manager.  Then I saw how much my Manager worked and how he had to work on his vacation days and I rethought that real quick fast and in a hurry.

BUT I was stuck there and making what I thought was great money.  It was more than I had made in my life and I was willing to stick it out (SETTLE) until I retired.  UGH! Looking back, I am soooo glad I’m not still driving down that same road day after day!

Don’t get me wrong…I really enjoyed my work and I liked what I did.  There’s a misconception that just because you want your own business that you can only jump ship if you hate what you do and you’re miserable.  That’s not true at all! What you are doing for your business may be along the same lines or even in direct competition to who you are working for right now! The work may be great and it may be right up your alley…what’s for the birds is having someone else set your schedule (and worth).

You’re blessed if you have flex hours or flex schedule.  But for most of the employees in the nation, you have a boss who tells you what to do, when to do it and how fast to get it done.

For anyone who loves what they do (or maybe you only like it) I can help you figure a way to stay in your current role — but as your own boss!

Want to get a raise – OK! Approved!

Want to take a 4 week vacation? – let me check the books…yup! You’ve earned it!

Want to bring your kids to work with you so they can learn what you do? Done!

I love the FREEDOM that working for myself gives me.  I can also really use my talents and skills to their fullest because I am writing my so-called ‘Job Description’.

If you think this may be for you…follow me and I’ll be giving you little bits and pieces of valuable info to help you start your own business beginning with your spare time!