Honing in and maintaining…

As I tweak my blogs to where I want them, I am seeing the lifecycle of my business unfold.  In the beginning when I was not sure about anything, I did a LOT of research! I mean a LOT! I started by just Googling things like “blogging for money” and “make money from my blog”.  I didn’t know there was so much info out there on the subject! However, after I went to many different sites and blogs on the subject, I honed in on a few.  The few I chose simply appealed to me for the following reasons:

1. I saw success. I want to learn from people who are or have been successful – and right now, my definition of ‘successful’ is the bottom line.  Because of my desire to make this my stream of income, I need to see that others have made a living doing this.

2. They appear honest.  When they share information with the public about their successes, they are being transparent about failures as well because they too are on a journey to learn more.  I don’t want to learn from someone who believes they have conquered it all and has already arrived.  I want to learn from the mistakes that have been made but can’t if they don’t talk about them! I want to learn from someone real and taking this ride of life like I am.
Having said that, in my next post I will acknowledge the 2 people I have chosen to follow .
I will talk about them as well as a couple of practical steps I’ve taken to get started in my business.
As always I welcome comments. Whether you’re a pro watching me spread my fledgling wings or if you are behind the learning curve I’ve already been thru. Thanks!