Dust off your dreams!

When was the last time you dreamed?

Not while you were sleeping, but while you were awake, with purpose and intention.

When you were a kid, did you ever say, “When I grow up I want to be a (fill in the blank)”. Or, “When I grow up I want to go (fill in the blank)”.

Somewhere along the road of life and in your working life, you either gave up your dream or you shrunk it to fit your current (paycheck) lifestyle.


Dust off your dreams and consider them resurrected! Remember what got you excited and what drove you to strive to do better and be better! Now, if you’re not living to your fullest capacity, it’s time to do something about it! I don’t want you to one day look back at your life and say, “I should have done this or that”.

Start today by doing one of these things:

1. Get a piece of paper and write down some places in the world you would like to visit or things you would like to have.

2. Pick up a magazine with your favorite subject (for me it is Coastal Living) and cut out some pictures to put around your home.

3. Search the Internet for images or an image you can put on your desktop.

The point is to surround yourself with inspiration that motivates you! Don’t be comfortable with mediocrity!

Here is my DREAM BOARD – I add to and switch around every few weeks:

Various things that motivate or inspire me.

Various things that motivate or inspire me.

If you’ve lost your excitement, rekindle it today by dreaming!

If you would like to share, I would love to hear about your dreams! Please comment! 🙂

In the next few posts, I will share with you what to do next by using what you already know to begin working toward living your dreams!

Personal Growth

Like many others, I have a impressive and diverse library.  I have books about breastfeeding (I was a breastfeeding counselor for almost 2 years and am very passionate about it) and on the other end of the spectrum books about business.  The business category of books includes books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Learning the Business by Michael S. Clouse.  I love learning the way to do things by the people who have the wisdom – people who have been there.  These 3 men are all very successful in what they do.  If you have not read any of these books and you desire to be better than you are today, I highly recommend at least 1 if not all.  I personally revisit these books often.  However, it has been a little longer than often this time around.  I am reading Rich Dad Poor Dad again right now and let me tell you…right off the bat, it inspires me!! It has inspired me so much that it is now required reading for my 13 and 11 year old boys! Choosing to live above mediocrity is something that is taught at an early age.  I wasn’t taught or discipled in that area, but my parents were both entrepreneurs.  I saw them start businesses and fail several times.

Having said that, in order to succeed at something difficult and something that has road blocks – one must see that it is possible and obtainable.  Sitting in the mindset of “I’ll never have that” or “That’s too hard” will not get you beyond mediocrity.  I know because I am one that has tried and failed many times…failed by GIVING UP! It IS hard if you want something beyond the usual! However, I am tired in my life of settling for the usual and the easy! I want more than what I have and I know God has given me the ability and means to get there! I want more for my children! I want more for our finances and our travel and our ministry of giving and helping others! You can only bless others with what you have!

So far as the blog is concerned…the money-maker…that is a means to an end! It may not be the perfect answer right now and it may not make me rich, but I’m going to try something else if it doesn’t produce the results that get me out of mediocrity and I’m going to teach my children as I drive this train! I hope you will follow me because no matter what I do (legal and ethical of course) I cannot fail if I continue to get up! And if nothing else, you will see that even the successful had to start somewhere and they had to get back up…MANY times.