How high can I jump?

So today I took another big step toward my business. I wasn’t planning on taking a big step today but it needed to be done. Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels wasting time when you could be doing something way more productive? Sometimes in your own business you need to make some tough calls. One of those tough calls involve laying down some more cash. However, if you see it as an investment then it is definitely not a waste.
I am learning so much about leveraging my time. And time I don’t have.
Again, there have been many influencers in my decision-making process and two of those influencers’ names are Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn.
In the beginning I knew nothing about making money blogging. When I literally stumbled across both of these gentlemen I was still in my diapers. Now I can say that I have at least graduated to romper room.
I have a long way to go and have many things on my to do list. I am now able to wait on the things that won’t make me money and proceed with the things that will be profitable. Half of the learning curve involves knowing what to put my energies toward and which things to table for now.
As an encouragement to anyone who is looking for a better living, I can say that it can be done. It may seem very overwhelming in the beginning but things do start to get clear and your decisions more strategic.
I guess you could say I can see the light and I am excited about teaching others to do what I’m doing. I will discuss that in the next few posts.
Also coming soon the new rollout with many different opportunities that I would like to share!
Business is so exciting and being the owner of the business is even more exciting!

Love the ride or get off the roller coaster!