Stay Tuned!

I am getting ready to launch my website either this week or next! I am also going to have some free offers that I’ll be posting as well!

I am finally getting to a place where I can relax on the weekends, knowing that the final draft of my e-book is complete and being edited.  I cannot tell too much about it because I don’t have the thumbs up yet but as soon as I do, I hope it will benefit many people.

Funny how we go through so many experiences in life but never go back and revisit them! Our experiences can be used to benefit others and can also be used to add to our credentials in areas we choose to consult in or do business in.  This is something I write about in my book.  My book is written to guide and inspire people who are thinking about getting into business for themselves.  That should be a lot of people! It is estimated that by next year, there will be a substantial increase of the people working from home and that is exciting! It opens up a huge market for my products and services as people start from scratch.

I also looked into incubators and what those services include.  It sounds like something I would like to do as well…it piggybacks what my original biz plan was anyway.

This year is going to be very thrilling for me and my family as I build my business from my home! As an entrepreneur, I have been waiting for this year to approach! I just had to wait for the right opportunity and the right timing…story of my life – waiting for the right timing.  Because of my very impulsive nature, I have gotten into things I shouldn’t have.  Well, this year is the year to put my efforts into my calling which is helping others and being with my family – and adding a lot of travel!

Thank you for following me and I can’t wait to offer you more when I launch my new biz!

Blessings and stay tuned!


Brick Wall – technology and branding

Several times during my journey to begin monetizing my ideas, I have hit brick walls.  Have you hit a wall yet in your journey?

My two walls have been a ‘Technological Wall’ and a ‘Which Way Do I Go Wall’.  One I can get help for, the other…it’s all me.

With all the technology that is emerging and all the choices out there for getting your message out and building your site and making it better and closing gaps and streamlining, etc, etc, etc…I have to admit, I threw in the towel and hired someone to help me! I could’ve spent days and hours learning the systems and baby stepping my way thru, but time is money and I don’t have the time for that learning curve! I have learned quite a bit with the steps I did take on my own, but let’s face it, I don’t LOVE to figure out how to work things! I just want them to work FOR me! So I laid down some more money and took that off my plate! Now I’m free to use my time for more worthy things, like getting thru my NEXT brick wall!!! UGH!

Now, with all the ideas swimming around in my head, I have to get one nailed down and own it! I have talents and skills, but what do I want to help others do? How am I going to brand myself? Is this the MOST important question I have right now…YES! I can’t polish my profile, market myself OR begin creating materials if I don’t know what products or services I’m going to sell! I know what I’m good at…question is, how am I going to bundle that up and market it? Or do I need to narrow my field? What is my ‘field?’ Is that some arbitrary line in the sand that I need to draw in order to invite people to come over to my side? The more I think about it, even though everything under the sun has been done, I have to put a twist on it! I need to put my personality into whatever it is I choose to do.  I’m me and there’s no one like me and that will appeal to some and others, not so much.

Having said all of this – it’s about time for me to get serious with my new brand.  Soon I will have to do something with this blog and start using my new website! I will let everyone know when I launch it and would really welcome and invite you to comment! I may continue to tell the story in this blog as I go along.  Ultimately, I think it will be helpful for me to have my journey documented and to inspire others as they see my success…remember, whatever that is for you maybe different for me.

Even though I am not delivering all of the details regarding how I’m doing what I’m doing, my hope is that I will inspire like-minded people to get your ‘thing’ making money for you! Soon I WILL be able to release details that will help you practically.  Until then, keep gathering ideas and we’ll put it to work in the next few weeks! There’s so much opportunity out there and I will LOVE to present them to you and help you live the life you desire!

The mediocrity train is about to be DERAILED!!

Finishing up my money-maker

I have continued to do tons of research and have learned so much.  Next is just to “DO IT”! Put it out there! I am fleshing out my blog and have recruited some help because I think we should all ask for help when we need it!

I can’t wait to tell everyone about it so I can begin getting feedback.

My main reason for creating my blog is so I can become financially independent and able to stay home and work it instead of having to go work for someone else! I have seen many people (mostly women) wanting the same thing…especially because we have children! I know it can be done! However, my question is: why do some make it happen and others don’t? I’ve read wisdom from the people who have made it happen for themselves and have gained their financial independence and are working from home – or wherever it is they want – and THEY did it! So why do people give up and settle for less than they know they’re capable of?

I know there are diverse answers.  Tired, complacent, lack of motivation, fear of failure, too busy with things that don’t matter in the long run, living for the now, lack of planning for the future, or simply worn out and can’t physically, mentally or emotionally take on one more thing in their lives! I have been there and honestly, if I had my full-time job back, I probably wouldn’t be doing my blog – I would be all of the above.  And they seem to feed on each other too! It becomes a never-ending cycle!

Now that I am not working and I am literally down to my last few months of savings (thank God I had savings) I have to make this happen or go back to work! It’s a reality I have to face every day as I wake up and ask myself the question, “Can I do this and make enough money to support my kids and myself”? It’s scary at this point because I picture myself going back to work and throwing my infant into daycare and putting my kids back in public school! This is NOT an option for me! I cry just thinking about it! SO – I get out of bed, look at my to do list and try to get it all done in spite of all the interruptions during the day!

All of that said, this is the reason I chose the niche I have for my blog (AKA money-maker) that I will be launching in the next few days.  I know there are others out there going through the same wants and desires as me with lives so busy that they can’t breathe above water! To begin with, I want to help and inspire busy families to be able to provide meals at home amid the chaos.  That is my first niche blog.  Next, as I begin to see success…I want to take others through their own successes.  I want others to realize their dreams.  Tons of help exists out there for people who want to stay home and work but hopefully I can appeal to a different audience…just don’t know who yet!

As I practice with this blog here, I hope you will offer comments if you want and stay tuned for the launch of my money-maker blog…I am working on it behind the scenes and can’t wait to publish and tell everyone!